Monday, May 17, 2004

Sharks 4, Calgary 2

The most satisfying thing about the Sharks win yesterday was their discipline and focus after they were up 4-1. Iginla tried to get Brad Stuart to fight... no thanks. Gave up a 5-3 goal with Korulyuk in the box for some phantom penalty... no breakdown, no complaint. Simon has managed to get himself a mark on his back; whenever he does anything, he gets called for it. Any while I can appreciate the argument that certain players shouldn't be singled out, he has only himself to blame. Trying to pound Mike Rathje (total NHL fighting majors: 0) after Korulyuk's empty-netter in game 3 was just stupid. He knows (and everyone else knows too) that Scott Thornton is more than happy to oblige- they almost went at the end of game 4, and I'd bet big money they're dropping in game 6.

Keys for the Sharks in Game 6:
- Keep Iginla frustruated
- Jump Stuart up in the play
- Take a goalie interference penalty
- Otherwise, stay out the box

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