Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Top 5 Rule Changes

Ok, I'm too lazy to come up with 10 rule changes or improvements, so I figure 5 (ok, 6) should be enough. Here they are:

1. Actually enforce obstruction. Maybe the obstruction rules need tweaking, maybe they don't. What they definitely need is the refs to enforce them as they are written. If someone is skating after a loose puck and a defensemen changes his skating line to make contact with that person, it's obstruction. I don't care if they fall down or not. We need to stop the clutch-and-grab style away from the puck. If the refs won't enforce it, get new refs. I'm really fed up with this stuff.

2. Smaller goalie equipment. Buccigross wants bigger nets, and I want control over the equipment. Very strict guidelines on everything a goalie wears: leg pads, blocker, catch glove, chest protector, jersey, helmet, everything. If that means very tall or big goalies can't fit into the equipment, too bad. Small guys don't have a reasonable shot of making it in the NBA or NHL, what's the difference? And don't tell me bigger pads mean more safety. Patrick Roy wearing a 58 jersey don't help squat in terms of safety, but it does stop pucks from going under his arms.

3. Eliminate red line offsides (two line passes). This change makes the Olympic game more interesting, and the European game faster. Let the fast guys skate.

4. Move the net back to where it was pre-Gretzky. He was a master behind the net, and I think this is at least partially why they moved it out. Well, time to move it back. More room in front = more goals scored.

5. Reinstate touch-up offsides. I'm not sure why the league ever agreed to a rule that would increase the number of stoppages of play.

6. Goalies can play the puck wherever they want, but if they're out of the crease, you can hit them like any other player. I want to see Brodeur's skill at clearing the zone, or Lalime's lack of it. But having an invisible force field around you when you're wearing 3X the amount of pads as everyone else makes no sense.

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