Monday, January 30, 2006

Fun Weekend, but not for the slumping Sharks

Had a great weekend, despite the fact that the Sharks managed to drop another game to a Pacific-division opponent. Completely folded up the tent in a 6-2 loss to Phoenix. Nabokov was pulled after the first two goals. The question is, did the Sharks pull him because his groin is still less than 100%, or is Nabby falling out of favor? Nabokov said that he felt fine, and felt he was seeing the puck ok. Remember, I posited not so long ago that the Sharks could trade Nabokov for a blueliner. Unless the Sharks know something I don't, I beseech them to do something fast, if they in fact have playoff aspirations. If we manage to lose to Dallas tonight, then get spanked by the Ducks again on February 1 and 4, we'll be pretty well screwed. And that's not just me being pessimistic- the Sharks are bad on the road (9-14-2) and just got shut out by the Ducks last week.

Tonight the Sharks are at Dallas (1-2 this season), in another critical game. I hope the Sharks actually play with some urgency this time.

By the way, found out today I share the same birthday as the current Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations for the NHL as well as both Joey Fatone and Nick Carter. Not really something to brag about.

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