Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Look Sharks

5-2 win over the Oilers? Sharks pull away in the third period instead of collapse? Sharks played physical hockey and bullied the finesse style Oilers?

Sounds like a dream, right? No Sharks fans - the boys had a new look tonight and it paid off as we pulled back to six points out of the final playoff spot. The Sharks sent out a physical line up with the return of Scott Parker, rookie Steve Bernier and new Finnish bruiser Ville Nimenen. Doug Wilson managed to get a third round draft pick for Dimitrakos - which means he basically swapped Niko for Nimenen, a deal I'd make any day in my sleep. Niko hadn't scored a goal since December 2nd - yes, that's right, December 2nd!! Mark Smith was the roster spot casualty tonight - the only notable healthy scratch. He could return if McCauley and Goc continue to sputter - although they had some jump playing along side Mr. Parker.

It was nice to see Doug Wilson not push the panic button and over pay for some mediocre deadline rental like Recchi or Mark Parrish. The Oilers gave up too much for Samsanov and Roloson laid a major egg in his first start for Edmonton. They gave up a first round pick for a guy who was 6-17-1 this year? Looks like Edmonton might have screwed the pooch here...

Nashville in town on Saturday. Huge game for the Sharkies. We have a huge homestand and if the boys can take four out of five - we'll be right back in this thing. Can they play like they did tonight? I think so.

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