Thursday, April 27, 2006

A week into the playoffs (almost)

We are now 6 days into the playoffs, and all of the series have played three games so far. I've only had the opportunity to see a few of them, though I've watched a lot of games. After the disconcerting 4-0 loss in Game 1, the Sharks seemed to have regained their offensive form, winning games 2 and 3 in pretty decisive fashion. Game 4 tonight in SJ is absolutely key. If the Sharks lose game 4, then game 5 is in Nashville, and we could be looking at game 6 down 3-2. We'll be in the driver's seat if we win tonight.

As for the other series, I sure know how to pick 'em. If the current leaders in all the series go on to win, I'll be 2-6. All three of my underdog picks are losing (the Sharks don't count as an underdog), and there are two huge upsets in the works in Edmonton and Montreal. Carolina, while not playing well, managed to win last night, so they could pull it out. Same with Detroit, but the Oilers have a history of being giant killers.

New prediction- Joe Thornton will have 2 points or more tonight.

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