Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oilers are not done

So I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Those damn Oilers have found a way to claw back into this series, winning in overtime in game 5. The game was pretty exciting, with 5 goals scored in the first period. Then it tightened up quite a bit, and went into OT deadlocked at 3. Then about three and a half minutes into OT, with Carolina on the power play, Cory Stillman tried to make a cross ice pass at his own blueline. His stick was partially hooked, which prevented Stillman from putting the mustard on the pass you would expect. Pasani intercepted the lame duck pass at the blueline, walked in alone, and beat Ward with a wrist shot over the glove.

Although I'm rooting for the Canes, I have to admire the Oilers' pluck. They came back from a 2-0 deficit against the Sharks, and with Game 6 in Canada, I have to think there's more than a decent chance it'll go back to Carolina for Game 7. In which case I'll be in hog heaven. There's nothing better than NHL Game 7s. Except for Game 7s in overtime. So I'm sort of half-rooting for the Oilers at home on Saturday. If they win, I'll have a dilemma- watch game seven on Monday or go to the "State of the Sharks" event at the Tank? I think I'd rather watch hockey than talk about it.

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