Monday, January 08, 2007

Ron Wilson on the rocks?

I saw this rumor on the "Truth and Rumors" page:

Many rumblings throughout the league, you should know, that the Sharks are becoming somewhat impatient with Ron Wilson's work behind the bench.

I like Ron Wilson, so my analysis is a bit skewed. But an 8-7 run isn't all that alarming, is it? What do I do? I go back to the stats. Let's start with last year, the Detroit Wings, President's trophy winners with 124 points. Their worst 15-game stretch was November 15 - December 15. They went 6-9. 2003-4? Red Wings again, with 109 points. Worst 15 game streak - 6-7-2.

If 8-7 turns into 8-12 or 10-20, then I'll be getting skeptical of Wilson myself. But let the man do his work. A bad stretch isn't a calamity- in most seasons, it's inevitable. Let's be glad it didn't happen at the end of March.

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