Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cancel that, the saga is over

Souray signs with the Oilers. Sportsnet reports it as a 5 year, $27M deal. That comes out to $5.4M per year. So I can revel in the fact that I was right, and now that we went 0 for 4 on the guys I mentioned, the Sharks need to scramble to hold on in the Pacific division.

Some thoughts while I'm still nice and bitter:

  • Have fun with that 9 month winter
  • Enjoy playing for a team that couldn't sign their captain or best defensemen, and replaced the D with two players that were a combined -53 least season
  • I can't imagine the Sharks offered less than that kind of money, which probably makes Souray the 2nd player in two years to take less money to not play for the Sharks.
  • Rob Davison or Doug Murray? Kind of like, should I eat a shitburger or a tofurkey for lunch?
Unless Doug Wilson pulls another Thornton-esque trade out of his ass, we'll have the worst D in the division, while watching several other teams in the West get better. If Carle and Ehrhoff don't step it up in a major way this season, the Sharks could be fighting for a playoff spot. Figure the Wings, Ducks, Avs, Flames are locks, with Dallas, Minnesota, and Vancouver likely.

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