Thursday, July 12, 2007

Souray wants his mommy

So instead of coming to a team on the cusp of winning a Stanley Cup, Souray showed his true colors and played it safe by going home to Edmonton to play for a bottom feeder team that is headed nowhere fast. Congrats to Kevin Lowe for getting someone to take part of the 20 million he has to offer. I am disappointed, but I still trust Doug Wilson and we have no reason not to. We know he takes pride on building from within, he pulled off the biggest heist in league history by landing Big Joe and he has had excellent draft after excellent draft. My man Mike is upset and he has every right - but to say the Sharks are a border line playoff team and that we have "the worst D in the division" I think is just the piss and vinegar talking.

Here are the Sharks current top six defensemen.

Vlasic, McLaren, Rivet, Carle, Ehrhoff and ??? (Wilson is going to add another veteran defensemen - I stand by this statement)

Now take a look at the rest of the division and how I rank the units.

#1 - Dallas Stars - Stars have a strong veteran group and are five deep.
#2 - Los Angeles Kings - Kings have improved considerably on the blue line and will have Jack Johnson for a full year.
#3 - San Jose Sharks - We have two rising stars in both All Rookie defensemen from last year. No other team in the division can stake this claim.
#4 - Anahiem Ducks - Schneider for Neidermeyer is not an equal trade. The Ducks have become considerably less scary and just as old. They don't have a young core of D.
#5 - Phoenix Coyotes - Yikes! After Michalek, JovoCop and Morris, is there anyone left??

Now that Souray has signed, the rest of the UFA crop will fall into place. Sopel, Markov and Sutton will find homes now and we'll see what Wilson has up his sleeve. So put the shitburger back Mike and don't forget how good this team is. I still believe that Wilson has something in the works that will not only make the Sharks better, but the Sharks will take a step closer to the Cup. Whether it is trading for a Redden or adding a C+ veteran like Sopel, the Sharks will contend for the Pacific Division crown.


Ian said...

Well, I definitely think the Sharks have to make a move or two now that Souray is off the table. Souray on a bubble playoff team in Edmonton means he'll get as much ice time as he wants, and years of double-digit minuses. When all is said and done, I don't know that the Sharks made a mistake by not signing him. We'll see how Souray plays out West.

I think the Sharks should maybe try for Danny Markov as a Hannan replacement, and then look for a more two-way D via trade. I'd be surprised if Doug Wilson heads to camp out current backline.

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

Another name I want throw out is Paul Mara. If the Rangers are looking to shed salary, he would be a stronger additon than any of the UFA's left on the market. If he can reach his 2005-06 total of 29 power play points, he could be an asset on the power play at 3 million dollars.

Jeremy said...

This has been Grier's funniest post in a while! Thanks for the chuckle.
Ducks #4 in the Pacific with regard to D!?!! Exactly how old do you think Beauchemin is? And did we forget that Pronger was a Norris finalist (and had he not suffered a foot injury would have won the award)? Sure Matheiu is a drop-off from Scott, but he's still a better defenseman than anyone the Sharks have.
And with the Stars, remember that Sydor is now a Penguin.
Love the humour. Keep it up.

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

Did you mean humor? Last time I checked humour is latin for "old defensemen". Perhaps you had Schneider on the brain. (rim shot).

Thanks for being a great audience. Don't forget to tip your waitress. I'm here all week!!

P.S. Boucher, Robidas, Zubov, Norstrom and Daley - that is the five I refer to.