Thursday, August 16, 2007

Little Things

  • So Grier and I are semi-addicted to Eklund, an 'anonymous' blogger on It's pretty much impossible to be a reader of hockey blogs without running into various opinions on Eklund, whether he's helping or hurting the reputations of hockey bloggers and journalists. If you really want to read about that stuff, you can start with our blog roll on the right. I'm going to stay out of it really, because it doesn't seem like that significant of a story.
  • So Grier is convinced that Doug Wilson has a big trade in the works. Supposedly we were going to trade for Redden, but he invoked his NTC. I'm not convinced that Wilson can make anything happen this late. There are several rumors floating around, and I'm not going to spread gossip. Oh, what the hell. Grier is seeing a three-way trade possibility with ourselves (Marleau), the Habs (Ryder or Higgins) and the Kings (Visnovsky). Adding Visnovsky would be an absolute coup. I hope it can happen.
  • Grier has recently gone to the Tank (for an event that shall remain unnamed) and reports that the new scoreboard is just amazing. Can't wait for the first preseason game.


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