Friday, August 31, 2007


Anybody listen to hockey podcasts? It's a fairly barren landscape. The Sharks have a official one, with the announcers from the radio and TV all together. It's good stuff, but it's on a erratic schedule. I remember mid-season they went a couple of months without a new one. I looked through iTunes, and going by the "Popularity" field (which may be completely bogus) there's only a couple of non-official podcasts that anyone listens to.

I'm still looking for one that I can get excited about. Generally I'm starved for hockey coverage- the local Mercury News has had pretty few articles this offseason. I check the NHL page of ESPN, and TSN most days, and get feeds of tons of blogs through Google Reader. As a fan of PTI, I long for something along those lines, but for hockey. I think I can count on one hand the number of hockey stories that PTI has done in the last year, most probably on Rick Tocchet. They generally do a "who ya got" thing in the playoffs a few times (I think Wilbon picked against the Sharks every time).

Maybe I just miss NHL 2Nite, the ESPN2 show on hockey that went by the wayside a few years back. But I can't help thinking that there is a market for an entertaining show addressing hockey topics. Most of the podcasts I've found are pretty dry- lots of reading of news stories, breaking down rosters, and the like. Personally, that's the type of stuff I like to read, not listen to.

So questions - Are there any great hockey podcasts out there? If not, would you listen to a hockey podcast that has the accent on 'tainment' in infotainment? And finally, what sort of stuff would you want in that format? All comments welcome.

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