Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Great Pickup for the Sharks, if they made it 10 years ago

The newest Shark? Jeremy Roenick. No cap considerations to worry about, he's only making half a million dollars. But with all the young players we got, this makes no sense. After the obvious first line (Cheech, Joe, Michalek) look at the list of other players with a reasonable shot to make the team. Marleau, Pavelski, Grier, Clowe, Goc, Brown, Rissmiller, Bernier, Setoguchi, Kaspar, and now Roenick. I'm not a hockey GM or anything like that, but something says that there's a logjam here. That's 5 lines worth of offense.

Grier seems to think that there's a deal in the works for D, trading away some of these younger players (Goc, Pavelski, and Bernier seem likely candidates), but I still think Grier is on a bit of the 'ol crack. If there was a deal in the works, it would have happened by now. And there are several other free agents still out there that make more sense.


Can'tStoptheGrier said...

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey...this makes sense for the Sharks on many levels. Roenick is what Bill Guerin was supposed to be. He will skate on the 4th line and light a fire under Marleau, Joe and the others.

Wilson has waited for the dust to settle and good things happen in threes. That veteran defensemen is coming and I predict this week. The Sharks now have the depth and comfort level to deal either Goc/Pavelski/Bernier in a package with a prospect or pick to get that impact player (Mara, Morris, Spacek). JR can play this year until Logan Couture is ready next season and losing the depth up front won't be missed.

Get the insurance policy and then make the move. That is what Wilson has done and here comes the move.

Mike said...

It's a decent theory, but the timing is all wrong. I think it's just Doug Wilson's sentimentality towards a former Blackhawk. It's a decent PR move too- JR is only 5 goals away from 500.

Jeremy said...

What it is with the Bay Area and aging stars trying to get to milestones?
It seems that JR is only playing to get to 500 - not exactly the best ingredient for a young locker room. Throw in his injury history, and I think you've got the makings of someone who spends more time in civies, and adds nothing to the team.
If any team were going to do this, it should have been the Hawks. He's not going into the Hall as a Shark, so the best this season can be is a footnote on a long career.
Now if they package JR with a kid and a pick to Chicago for Seabrook...