Saturday, September 22, 2007

Preseason thoughts

After four preseason games and seeing one in person this weekend, it appears the Sharks have a new attitude and some of the young kids are all growns up!

Pavelski is taking the body, tough in the corners and scoring clutch goals in the preseason while Setoguchi has done nothing but bury the puck in the net. These two are a lock to make the club. The only question is who do they play with? Right now, The Gooch is making a case that he belongs on Joe or Patty's wing. I see Pavelski potentially raising hell with JR and Grier on the third line.

Does someone want to wake up Steve Bernier and tell him he's playing for a roster spot? Does this guy just think he's on the team? He is in for a rude surprise when he is either shipped to Worcester or traded away before the season starts. Use your powers for good Bernier! Atleast try and make this a tough call.

It looks like it is down to a four horse race with Brennan Evans not standing out as much as I'd hoped and Brad Norton not seeing the ice this homestand. From all accounts, Murray played well tonight and Davison was okay. I thought Semenov was better than advertised on Friday, jumping into the play when needed and willing to play the cop role. Ozolinsh is the mystery man and reports of him being in great shape are all we've heard so far.

Mike and I will have a post soon about our opening night roster predictions and season forecasts. So far, the Sharks look motivated and aggressive. More later. GO SHARKS!

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Mike said...

Worchester is not an option for Bernier- he would have to clear waivers, and there are several teams that would claim him. Like it or not, he will be on the 23-man roster unless a deal is found.