Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sabres Stab Sharks in the Nuts

Pretty embarrasing game, losing 7-1 like that. Especially after leading 1-0 after the first. The speed and crispness of Buffalo's breakout was apparent throughout the entire game, but it wasn't without risk. The Sharks had at least two breakaways, and a two-on-one. If the Sharks scored on at least half of those, it might have been a different game.

Really, the most interesting thing that happened during the game is the complete and utter failure of Dmitri Patzold. I've no doubt this guy could mature into a NHL caliber goalie, but he just ain't there yet. He gave up 3 goals on 9 shots, and looked very tentative, especially his lateral movement. The first goal he gave up, he just didn't get a good push across, or hesitated to do so. The far side of the net was wide open.

It's clear now why Nabby has started every game, and will probably continue to do so. Lack of confidence in your goalie will greatly affect the way you play, and if Patzold starts a few games, I would predict the offensive output to be even more anemic than it already is. It's time to grab a veteran backup that may not be a solid #1 all the time, but you can at least know that he can face down NHL competition. Patzold can't do that right now. Or maybe the Sharks should try Griess out. He's 6-6 in Worchester with a 3.33 GAA and .895 SV%.

All NHL teams go through bad games and slumps. The measure of a good or great team is their ability to bounce back. Will we see the Sharks in the Detroit series, who were a shadow of their former selves once they lost the OT game? Or will we see the Sharks after the "Destruction in the Desert" game last year, when they righted themselves quickly after an 8-0 blowout in Phoenix? We'll definitely know after this week's games against the Wild, Canucks, and Stars.


Jeremy said...

Nabby cannot start all your games. Even if he comes close (say 76+ starts), history doesn't hold well for the playoffs. The Pacific is average at best. Rest Evgeni and roll the dice with the outcome. It appears that the Sharks are willing to play for one point - and that could be good enough until after the All-Star break. (Boston could have an affordable option once they get healthy)

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

I agree with you. They must get a suitable back up for Nabby right away. Nabby has proven the last two seasons he is not Superman and he is prone to injuries.

bryce said...

CuJo anyone? Proven netminder and has given the Sharks fits in the past. I think he could be a good back up for Nabby and we know that he can hold down the fort to give Nabby a rest when it's needed... Like now.