Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shh! Don't Wake the Giant!

Someone in the Sharks organization leaked Alexei Semenov's team picture before color correction and cosmetic surgery:

In the latest installment of "Did You Know", did you know that last night's +1 effort was Frankenov's first plus game of the season? Brings him up to a glistening -6 in 12 games. On the positive side, he's a big dude. Big. Really Big. The problem is he seems to be made of wood, and he doesn't use his size for the forces of Good. Only for the for the forces of Slow. Yeah, he got into a fight last night, and promptly got his ass kicked by Todd Fedoruk, who's entire face is now made of paper maché. Or as the Canadians would say, "POP-i-yay MA-shay". Or as Semenov would say, "UNNNHHHH".

In fact, I heard the build-up to the fight, because it was near section 124:
Semenov: BRAINS!
Fedoruk: What the fuck d'you say to me?!
<drops gloves>

But we kid because we love. Sort of. I still can't understand why Semenov is out on the first PP unit every night. He has three points, none on the power play. I've been reduced to thinking that Ron Wilson has an overdeveloped sense of irony.

But as Grier said, it was an all-around great effort by the Sharks last night, and I would rank it as the Sharks' best of the season.


Brian Boitano said...

How about this scenario:

Ducks deal Schneider to the Habs, who turn and deal him + someone else to the Sharks for Marleau. Mike and Grier, oh ye hockey gurus, is it possible and/or smart for the Sharks?

Mike said...

It's possible, but that would give the Sharks NINE defensemen, with a NHL quality blueliner sitting in the pressbox every single night. Unless the Sharks have an outlet for one of the rest, I don't think it makes roster sense. But in that vein:

To Anaheim: Ryder and Smolinski
To San Jose: Schneider and Koivu
To Montreal: Marleau, Ehrhoff, and a pick

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

I like your thinking Mike. Ironically, I just made this similar suggestion/theory on hockeybuzz and Chompboard. Smolinski is hurt, so take him out of the equation. Also, I think the Ducks want no long term salary committment, so Ryder is a decent match on a one year deal.

To Anaheim: Ryder and a pick
To Montreal: Marleau, Ehrhoff/Carle and Bernier/Pavelski
To San Jose: Schneider and Koivu

I make this deal and I make it now. The Sharks would be a better team with these two men and it fucks the Ducks at the same time.

We'll see...I doubt Burke would put himself in a position to send Schneider anywhere up here.

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

Now Eklund says this.

To Montreal: Marleau and Pavelski
To San Jose: Begin, Halak and a propsect.

Get the #%&@ outta here.

Mike said...

A sophomore that has already beaten Begin's best season and a 70-pt scorer for a 15-pt scoring left wing, a goalie that's not good enough to play in the NHL, and a prospect? Is this April Fools Day?

Semenov said...


(I'm sorry someone had to do it...)