Friday, February 16, 2007


So many people are blogging about the Forsberg deal, and I figure I'd pile on. For those in the dark, Forsberg was traded from the Flyers to the Nashville Predators for Scott Upshall, Ryan Parent, a 1st round pick, and a 3rd round pick. Forsberg's contract is up at the end of the year, so it's possible (even likely) that he will only play about 3 months of hockey for the Preds. For which they gave up two players and two good draft picks.

If you put it like that, it sounds like the Preds got robbed. I knew the Flyers were asking a lot, but that's even more than I expected. However, think of it this way- the best team in the NHL just got better. They beat down the Sharks a few nights ago, and have the most points in the NHL. Now they got one of the best players in the game (when healthy) who is playing as good as he's played all season.

The Preds have to win now. Players over 30 - Zidlicky, Vokoun, Timmonen, Sullivan, Nichol, Mason, Kariya, Forsberg, and Arnott. That's more or less the core of the team. Why hold onto those draft picks and players when you can give yourself a good chance to win the Cup?

Sharks players over 30... Brown, Grier, and Nabokov. Not nearly the same situation as Nashville- two third line players and the backup goaltender.

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