Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Great Start

This is an exciting day in hockey. The trade deadline. Lots of players on the move, new hopes born for teams, and the last chance of contention put to rest. But I have to start with the big deal, again involving the Sharks. Bill Guerin is coming! Sharks trade their remaining first round pick and a "non-roster" player to the Blues for Bill Guerin. Like Rivet, Guerin will be unrestricted in the offseason. But we do add a Stanley Cup winner with 28 goals for no current roster hit. And remember, he played with Joe in Boston. Joe-Bill-Cheech-Carle-Patty on the power play? My heart is already racing.

More deals have already happened, and I'll be adding more posts throughout the day. Still a lot of rumors surrounding Nabby.

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