Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Laraque to the East

Georges Laraque has been traded from the Phoenix Coyotes to the Pittsburg Penguins, in return for an 8th round pick and some guy I've never heard of. How the mighty have fallen. At the start of the season, Laraque was playing with Doan on their top line, and I distinctly remember in a Yotes-Sharks game at the Tank looking at the stat sheet, and seeing Laraque leading the team in points. I thought I was in Bizarro world.

But now, apparently Laraque has come back to earth, or has a serious beef with management. He basically got traded for a back of pucks, and waived his no-trade clause. And the Pens got great deal- now they have someone (other than Colton Orr) who can protect Crosby and Malkin. I've never heard anyone utter the words "Colton Orr is a beast", so I say that's definitely an upgrade for the Pens.

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