Saturday, April 28, 2007

Game 2

Tough game, tough loss. One good thing, I don't think the Sharks took the early lead for granted this time, they way they did in game 1. They produced quality scoring chances throughout the game, and the Thornton line in particular was very troublesome for the Wings D.

But they didn't score, and that reduced the margin for error to a razor's edge. Which went the other way in the 3rd on a couple of bad giveaways.

Random thoughts:

  • Get Bell out of there. I know he's supposed to be a physical presence and all that, but he was pretty much invisible. I'd rather have Pavelski's skill then Bell's (occasional) physical play. Clowe can take care of the rough stuff, and he's got decent hands. Bell's puckhandling is painful to watch.
  • The officiating seemed really bad. There were some non-calls on both sides that didn't make sense. Especially when the McLaren and Bertuzzi calls seemed ticky-tack. Didn't decide the game, but it still sucked.
Apropos to nothing- what's up with all the people that stand up in the crowd when the puck gets near? They turn around, on their cell phones, and wave. If you're playing a truckload of cash for a playoff seat and the jagoff in front of you stands up to wave for his mom, doesn't that deserve a beating?

I'm disappointed, Wings fans, not chastened. I picked the series to go 7. Which isn't to say I wouldn't be thrilled to see the Sharks go back to Detroit up 3-1 like the Nashville series.


P said...

"The officiating seemed really bad. "

Welcome to the playoffs. I don't think any of the calls were bad, but there were many missed calls.

And yeah, that f#@$nut that kept standing up and waving toward the camera needs to have his cell phone thrown on the ice.

Paul said...

ok, why does it have me as P now? did the blog change?

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

I agree Mike. Bell needs to sit. Good to see that Paul is onboard with the obnoxious fan.

Game Three here we come.

Gabriel said...

I don't get a lot of things about the idiot behavoir of some fans, not just the standing up for the camera thing. For as long as I've watched this game, I've never understood the caffeinated assholes who bang on the glass when the players come close. Distracting the players? I don't think so. They look like a bunch of f*ckin monkeys in the zoo banging on their cages.

Can anyone explain that one to me?

Paul said...

I don't think it's caffeine. I think it's alcohol. Oh, and a dose of what you already mentioned - idiocy.

I'd love to hear a player answer honestly what they think of it.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I think we should ask Tie Domi what he thinks about them.