Monday, April 23, 2007

Why we want to play Detroit....

The Sharks need to play Detroit next. The Red Wings have been beaten down, bruised and frustrated by a physical Calgary team. They are poised for their annual postseason collapse, which would have happened in Round One if Calgary could have mounted any sort of offensive attack. We need the Wings now because tackling the Ducks in Round Two will be too emotional. If...wait, I mean when we beat the Ducks, and we will beat the Ducks, it will be a huge accomplishment. I fear our guard could be down and a hungry Dallas/Detroit winner will take advantage.

The Ducks have to be the final step before we play for Lord Stanley. It is hockey destiny. GO CANUCKS!


Anonymous said...

Abel to Yzerman owns you.

Anonymous said...

"The Red Wings have been beaten down, bruised and frustrated by a physical Calgary team."


Did you actually watch any of the games? Obviously not, since you've got it 100% backwards. Which team was so frustrated that they melted down at the end of game five, ending in a player suspension and hefty fines from the league?

Mike said...

Did you actually watch any of the games?

I hope this is IwoCPO, because if you're just cutting and pasting his words, that's a bit sad.

Which team couldn't put a away a team that only scored 2 goals in the first two games?

No argument here that Calgary was frustrated after game 5- they couldn't score. And boy, not having McLennan really hurt them in Game 6. What a blow.

There's a longer response upcoming to IwoCPO, but to give you a preview- 'frustrated' means 'not being able to dominate and beat down' a team that is CLEARLY inferior to the Wings. Winning two games at home in impressive fashion, only to come back home in game 5 with the series even is not a winning formula. I picked Calgary to win because, like Ottawa in recent years, they have not been able to 'get up' for the first couple of rounds of the playoffs.

I was wrong, mostly because I feel I overestimated Calgary, not because I underestimated Detroit.