Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Not Bad

So I was 7-1 picking the 1st round series- my only mistake was picking Calgary to win against Detroit. Calgary's complete inability to win on the road spelled doom for them. Note to NHL teams: if you are to win without any wins on the road, you have to have home ice advantage. Calgary didn't, and they didn't. I picked two 'upsets' correctly- the Sharks and Rangers. I didn't think Atlanta was so bad they'd get swept, but I did pick the winner and number of games correctly in the New Jersey and Anaheim series.

I think the next round will be easier to pick winners, but I'm still going to hold off on that post until later today or tomorrow, so I can study the matchups more. I hope to be better with picking the number of games as well.

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ken berard said...

Thanks very much for linking to the View From Your Playoff Seat album, Mike. Sharks fans, send us your pics!

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