Saturday, April 28, 2007

The one that got away.....

Will the come from behind victory by the Red Wings haunt the Sharks for the remainder of Round Two?

Will this game go down as "the one that got away" by Sharks fans across the Bay Area?

My answer is, simply, no.

Relax Sharks faithful. Remember, we lost Game Two to Nashville in more embarrassing fashion than this afternoon's loss. I thought the Sharks did some things well today. We dictated play for the first period and the score could have been easily 4-0 if not for Hasek's friend "the post". Even after the Sharks lost the lead, I thought they had control of the third period. A blunder by Nabby on an attempted clear proved to be the decider. I agree with Mike - Mark Bell needs to sit and Pavelski should return. Other than that one change (which I don't think Ron Wilson will make) there is no need to panic. Both teams played good, solid hockey and this day happened to belong to the Wings.

We got what we wanted - one in Motown. The Tank will be jumping and Shaved Ice will be there. I don't think there's any tickets Puckheads, not like a Red Wings game where you can walk up and buy a $90 nosebleed.

I'm not worried. I'm not even sweating. This game will not be remembered. There is something magic in the Bay Area water right now. The Warriors have the Dallas Mavericks on the ropes. The Giants had an eight game win streak. Even the 49ers had a good draft today.

"The one that got away" will be a minor speedbump on our road to the Cup.

P.S. If we put video of that fat man waving an octupus over his head in a time capsule, people in 400 years will think the Puckheads of Detroit were the cast of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Wait - there's going to be no Detroit in 400 years. Global Warming. Al Gore told me so.

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Paul said...

This game will haunt the Sharks this series as "the game where the real Red Wings showed up."

Expect more of the same, and don't expect the gimmes that you've gotten in the first two games.

Maybe you (and the Sharks) already know this, maybe you don't. But goals like Zetterberg scored to finally get the Wings on the board have a way of affecting entire series.

The Wings have been the best 3rd period team all year. They get better as the game goes on. This was obvious in the first two games. If the Wings find a way to keep the Sharks off the board or take a lead in the first, it's a huge hill for them to climb trying to beat the Wings in periods 2 and 3.