Friday, February 10, 2006

Great Win

The Sharks had a strong first and blockbuster second periods tonight in beating Dallas 6-3. Cheechoo had two goals, and even more promising, the power play looked very good. They had a 5-3 power play that immediately preceded Joe Thornton's goal- he scored just a second or two after the 2 man advantage expired. And in other power plays, the puck movement was very good, shots came from the point through screens, and they cycled well.

The only down moments came in the 3rd when Dallas scored two goals in quick succession to make it 5-3 after the Sharks led 5-1 after two. I could sense the crowd reeling at the Tank, hoping the Sharks wouldn't find a way to lose or tie, the same way they've done too many times this season. But Toskala had a couple of strong saves right after the third Dallas goal, the defense started clamping down, and the offense was actually trying to manufacture chances, as opposed to waiting in the neutral zone, and dumping it in every time they got possession.

The Sharks have to be shopping Toskala at this point. He's played the last two games, despite Nabokov being re-signed to a 5 year deal. There's no doubt in my mind that management is playing Toskala so other teams can see what he can do. I think trading Toskala is a good idea at point, provided two things- 1) that we get real long term value in return and 2) he goes to a team in the East. The Kiprosoff deal is still hurting the Sharks, witness the Sharks loss to them on Monday when he made 28 saves.


Jeremy said...

Alright, this has nothing in particular to do with this post, I just wanted to throw something out there for your comments.
Since we are now in the stretch run, and the battles for the 8 playoff spots are going to be awesome to watch, something keeps bugging me. Hockey standings are talked about in two ways: points and games-in-hand. Why not translate points into a winning percentage? It would be a simple calculation: team points divided by (games played times two). This would eliminate the games-in-hand aspect of standings watching. And it would change the current view of who's in, and who's out.

Mike said...

The calculation does not take into account 3 point games. This NHL is not averaging 1 point per game this season (which is the difference between a win and a loss) but 1.11 points per game. How should the calculation be adjusted? I sense another stats-heavy posting coming on...

Your Ducks have 65 points, which implies 33 wins, but they only have 27. Big difference.

Which is why teams should not get a point for losing in overtime. 3 point games suck.