Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The 2006 Olympics are here and the men's hockey is off and running. Easy wins this morning for Finland, Sweden and Canada. Italy put up a decent fight and played with lots of passion in front of the home crowd - but Canada's power play is going to be unbeatable in 2006. Canada can come at you with four amazing lines filled with size, speed and skill. Now that Hasek is down for team Czech, there's only two teams that can cut them down. Team Sweden and, I'm saying this now....beware of Team Russia. This team has the ability to skate in and stun the big boys. Nabby is well rested and is more than capable of going on a major run. Here's how I see the medal round playing out.

ROUND 1 - Canada over Kazakhstan. USA over Czechs (in an upset). Sweden over Germany. Russia over Finland.

ROUND 2 - Canada over USA (close one 7-5 Canada). Russia over Sweden.

GOLD MEDAL GAME - Canada vs. Russa. Canada wins 6-5.
Sweden takes the bronze.

You heard it here...from someone who has cash on Team Canada. They are just too good and too deep to lose.

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Jeremy said...

I applaud your picks. Any change in how you're feeling about the canucks now that they've been shut out twice in a row?
I've had the good fortune of watching most of the games (thank you DVR, and well-planned time off work). I'm very impressed with the Finns, and Russians. Through four of the five first round games, I'm very disappointed in the US and Canada. And I'd say the Slovaks are overrated (their goaltending is very suspect).
I see the next round producing some of the best hockey yet. I'd expect at least 3 shoot outs, and an equal number of upsets (based on seedings going in).
The US has put themselves in a terrible spot. One that I would be surprised if they were able to get out of. I'd say the same for Canada, as their first game of the next round will be against a tougher opponent than it should have been. Is it possible that North America takes no medals???

(And thank you Jarrko for illustrating that international standards for helmets are laughable)