Monday, February 06, 2006

Interdivision games for the Sharks- not good

I mentioned recently that the Sharks have a ton of division games in late January and February, let's see how the Sharks are doing:

  • 1/21 at Kings : Win (OT) 4-3
  • 1/24 vs. Kings : Win 4-1
  • 1/26 vs Ducks : Loss 0-2
  • 1/28 at Coyotes : Loss 2-6
  • 1/30 at Stars : Loss (OT) 2-3
  • 2/1 at Ducks : Win 6-4
  • 2/4 vs Ducks : Loss 0-2
So that's 7 points in 7 games, basically .500 hockey. We have two more division games before the Olympic break, versus Dallas and Phoenix, and even if we win both, we'll only have 11 points in 9 division games. Given that the entire Pacific division is 4 games over .500 or better, playing roughly even hockey is not the way to gain ground for a playoff run. The Kings are seriously fading, but the Ducks and Stars are both playing well right now, and Phoenix has been suprisingly resilient this season. The Sharks have clearly frittered away a golden opportunity to make up ground in the West.

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