Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Doug Wilson has spoken...

Doug Wilson held a press conference yesterday and went on KNBR in the afternoon. He admits to the Sharks were outcoached, outplayed and out-GM'd. He didn't tip his hand much - he said the process of evaluating themselves has not been completed. Will Ron Wilson return? No answer yet. What he did say was the Sharks can look at the model of the Ottawa Senators for an example of overcoming playoff hardship to achieve success. The Sens lost a high profile defensemen in Chara, traded a flashy center in Hossa, let Hasek go and let their own young players step up and take the next step. Will the Sharks follow this model?

Will the Sharks trade Patrick Marleau? Doubtful. Wilson was quick to defend Patty and brought up an important stat - he is tied as the leading goal scorer the last three years in the playoffs. Is this really a player you want to get rid of? The biggest obstacle is that both Marleau and Joe Thornton are both in a contract year. You have to extend Joe - so do you deal Marleau for a high scoring gritty wing? Is there a Dany Heatley out there for the Sharks to acquire in exchange for Marleau? Would Columbus deal a disappointing Rick Nash to the Bay Area?

The Sharks are going to deal a goaltender. Wilson made this clear. Can they get a taker for Nabokov's large 5.4 million dollar/year price tag? That would clear some room to sign a big ticket free agent like Smyth or Souray. Nabby's no trade clause is a big obstacle, so most likely Toskala is the one on the move. Tampa Bay re-upped Holmqvist.....WHAT? Why would Tampa do this with so many goalies on the market like Giguere, Backstrom, Fernandez and both Sharks guys. Bizarre. Florida is in the market. Los Angeles and Phoenix need a goalie - but it is unlikely Wilson will help them out. We'll see what happens.

So - we wait and see. The disaapointment is his voice was clear and the goal remains the same. The Sharks management is not content with entertaining its fans - they want to win a Stanley Cup and until that is done - they will not rest inside the Tank.

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