Saturday, May 05, 2007

Early signs point to Game One

I know it is early. There is lots of hockey left to go....but the Sharks have come out like with a repeat of their Game One first period performance in Game Five. Controlling play in the corners, blocking shots and solid goaltending. They had their early opportunity for a meltdown, ala Game Four, and did not allow the late power play goal.

Good start - but we've seen this before. Sharks have to continue on their Game One tribute. Hold on for Period Two.

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Beerme said...

Well, as the game is now over and this didn't play out the way you thought it would, I'll say the Wings do not seem to be intimidated by this team. The vaunted power play is weak, while the Wings have had some pretty good success in the area. Penalties were pretty even, though San Jose committed many that weren't called (to be fair, Detroit was the recipient of some good non-calls, too).

Momentum change?