Monday, May 07, 2007

No excuses

Too early to post a retrospective on the season, but I'll say this about Game 6- the Sharks did not piss it away. They played very well, but the Wings played better. They lost their second-best defensemen, yet still played good D, and Hasek made some all-World saves. They took advantage of the Sharks mistakes, and didn't make too many of their own. The Sharks got beat. More tomorrow.

Congrats, Wingnuts.


millsz said...

Good series Sharks. Your team is only gonna get better.

hockeychic said...

Good series Sharks! Thanks for your blog!

Gabriel said...

Hey Mike and Grier, thanks for the lively conversation during the series, it was a good round.

I can't say I know which is the better team, but I'm glad to see you say that the Sharks just got outplayed in this series. I think too many fans in SJ are going to start pointing fingers undeservedly at some talented players.

No doubt you'll be back next year.