Saturday, May 05, 2007

My turn

So it's a good start- weak goal by Hasek is the only difference right now. Hasek looked like he expected Goc to come down the left boards, and when Goc shot instead, was hugging the near post. The power play still looks miserable, but the first possession of the PP looked different. More movement at the points, more pinching by the D, less standing around for Joe at the half boards. The Wings never seem to have anyone at the half boards on the PP- they always have one or two in the crease, and let the D bomb away. I say the Sharks go to that strategy. Two Wings collapse on Joe when he has it, so there needs to be more skating, and more movement.

Schneider took a hit from Marleau that looks like it separated his shoulder. He won't return. We'll see if that will make a difference in the next two.

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Beerme said...

The problem with the Wings is they give Thornton too much time and space to pass/shoot. If they keep that up he'll continue to cause them trouble. He gets far too much respect...