Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bertuzzi - Now a Waste of Space On and Off the Ice

Todd Bertuzzi, once a dominant force when he was with the Vancouver Canucks, now has completed his meteoric fall from grace. He had the tools to be a legendary power forward in this league, and then the whole Steve Moore thing happened. He sat out a long time, traded to Florida, sucked, traded to Detoit, sucked, signed with Anaheim, and sucked again.

For whatever reason, I knew that his hit on Moore was vicious and outside the bounds of the game, but it did have a hockey context- he was retaliating against Moore for a hit he put on Naslund some games before. Worthy of the suspension, worthy of scorn for his lack of control, but the sentiment wasn't entirely out of place, though his methods were. Maybe there was something salvagable in Bert.

Now, that illusion has come to an end. In a true holiday spirit, Bertuzzi offered Moore $350K to settle his $15M lawsuit. Wow, Todd! 2.3% of the asking amount! How generous of you! You ended the guys career, he's still experiencing symptoms, and you offer him 9% of your yearly salary. For this year only. Thank God next year you get to keep the whole $4M.

There is no longer any doubt that Todd Bertuzzi is a miserable human being on the short end of a disappointing hockey career. Sleep well with your millions, jagoff.


Can'tStoptheGrier said...

How awesome is it that Bertuzzi and Pronger - two of the biggest douchbags in hockey - play on the same team!! I wonder if Ducks fans still love that signing. If I were in Anahiem, I would be so pissed at Selanne and Neidermeyer.

McLaren's Right Hip said...

15 games in, Mike... time to stop saying "the season is young..."

What does DW do? Sure, the boys threw a ton of shots at Turco tonight, but would a bona-fide sniper help get one in? Or should we go after a big D man? Seminov needs to go, he's aweful, but I was impressed by Oz (loved the shot he gave Turco at the end of the game... we need an A #1 a-hole on the team to spice things up!).

One thing's for sure... Nabby needs a day off. He should have stopped both of Modano's goals. Nabby's good, but he is no iron man and he has proven season in and season out that he is capable of HUGE mental errors. I'm looking forward to Paltz on friday.

Prediction: new teammates join the Tiburones before the weekend.