Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can Roenick save the season?

Could we not only have witnessed history on Saturday night in JR's 500th goal, but did we perhaps see the turning point of the Sharks early season woes? His passionate response to his milestone had an effect on the entire team's effort, which was solid from the drop of the puck. The Sharks needed something good to happen to them after weeks of bad calls, dumb luck and lackluster effort. Saturday night could be their chance to turn the corner. We'll see if they keep it up tomorrow night because Phoenix, though lacking in talent, plays with tons of heart and hustle.

A few other thoughts

- Thank you for pulling Semenov. He adds nothing on the ice but a chance for us to make jokes at his expense. Ehrhoff went from a healthy scratch to playing the 2nd most minutes on the team. I think they may have got his attention, whether he stays or is trade bait.

- I liked Bernier on the 4th line. He played more physically than I've noticed this year, which is the major part of his game that is lacking right now. I thought the fact that RW didn't juggle the lines much meant he was happy with the overall play and he may have found a great 3rd line in Roenick/Mitchell/Grier.

- Carcillo's play for Phoenix further proves my point that we need an agitator on our club. He goated Rismiller into a penalty. We don't have a player like that right now.

- Marleau showed some flashes of life in the 2nd and 3rd period.......

Mike and I have a wager on who will score more goals by season's end - Setoguchi or Cheechoo. I have Gooch and Mike has Cheech. The bet is off is either is traded or if Gooch is somehow sent to the minors. Right now they are tied at three apiece. Who do you think will score more goals?


McLaren's Right Hip said...

Cheech... I'm a believer.

You guys have some great seats... history happened right in front of us last night. I'm not sure if it came through on TV, but it felt like I was watching a different team last night. One word: confidence. Afterwards, it was a lot of fun to heckle Auld every time he handled the puck, too. Thanks for the opportunity to sit in your seats!

I agree, JR brings A LOT to the club. The fans LOVE him, and he's also obviously well liked by his teammates as well. Oz is the man, and Ehrhoff was playing like a man with something to prove. Good game all around.

I made the prediction to my dad before the game that we'd see JR's 500th and Seto score. He made the prediction that the game would be the turning point in this early season for them. Mine came true, will his?

BTW, Grier, since I only eat light crisp salads, I'll give you my ticket stub for the "4 in the net, pizza you get" deal if you want it...

Ian said...

How about Ozo's game, eh? If he can play like that for the rest of the season, Doug Wilson may have pulled a rabbit out of his hat, and solved the #1 dman problem.

I'm fine with Marleau showing life, but he needs to score or add some helpers. 17 games, 5 points, -5, 31 SOG (same as Craig Rivet, less than Pavelski). Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? I was definitely in the "don't trade Marleau, you idiots" camp before this season, but I didn't realize that he was going to regress 10 years after signing his contract extension.

Mike said...

You're right - DW is earning his money this year, with JR and Ozo. I too wonder how much leash we give Marleau, and when 'letting him work it out' turns into willful blindness. I don't think we're there yet, but I'm getting pretty impatient, especially when the effort doesn't appear to be there. I get you're not scoring; at least throw your body around or stand in front of the net. If the drought continues and he doesn't find another aspect to his game, he might be out of the league faster than you can say "Pat Falloon".

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

I agree about Ozo. He is filling the void on the power play and Doug Murray is establishing himself as an everday player. He should get more credit for being +5.

Let's go out on a limb and say Marleau has a multi-point night tonight. If JR's number 500 really did have the "jaws of life" effect on the season that I think it will, then Marleau is due for a break out and there is no time like the present.