Friday, November 09, 2007

A few comments...

- Semenov continues to mistify. He should not be on the ice again. Period. End of story. His defensive lapse on McDonald cost the Sharks the game.

- Douglas Murray is a key member of this team and should be out there every night. Without Clowe, he is the only Shark that will keep players like Brad May accountable. Did you see how fast May skated away from Murray? You can bet that won't be forgotten.

- Has anyone else noticed that in only four games, Ozolinsh is the new face of our blueline? He is everywhere, demands the puck and the other defensemen are deferring to him regularly. He logged 23 minutes of ice time tonight, putting him right behind Rivet and Big Joe. Ehrhoff has been replaced. Time to see what you can get for him.

- Marleau got only 15 minutes of ice time and he looked terrible again. Bernier was so non existant that Wilson just stopped rolling him out there.

- Grier was excellent and Thunder Joe and JR had solid nights.

- Tonight further hammers home the fact that we need a guy like Pahlsson. We don't have a guy like that. He was such a pain in the ass to Joe tonight. Cut bait with some young talent and get us an agitator!!!

- The Sharks should just leave the bench and go home when it comes time for the shootout. They look like they've lost before it even starts. And Pavelski and Cheechoo are the first two guys? Come on Ron - give us a chance! Let's roll out a guy who played 11 minutes and someone who can't hit J-Lo's fat ass with a brick right now. Where is Roenick? Where is Joe? Where is Ozolinsh for Christ's sake!

Anyways, just a few rambling thoughts after the game. Putting things into perspective, we did get a point in Anahiem - a place we have always struggled to play respectably - but we got a glimpse at the new look Ducks. Less talented but same hard hitting, high energy style. I wish the Sharks played with as much heart as Anahiem and I'm with Mike, I am afraid Phoenix will out work our boys and continue our home woes tomorrow night.

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McLaren's Right Hip said...

We're going to beat the Coyotes tonight...

Doesn't it just feel like the Sharks are about to explode? I don't know what it is, but it's like they're coming out of a coma or something...

I think Torrey is going to start putting up consistent points now that he's got his first one...

Who do you guys see wearing the C if Patty goes?

Semenov = aweful. You're right, Grier... get him off the ice.

If Nabby is between the pipes tonight, Paltz will have no confidence ever. Give the kid a chance!