Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dear Dougie....

Last nights loss to the Kings was a heartbreaker. This was the chance for the boys to reign supreme in the Pacific and instead they laid an egg against a mediocre team with a has-been goalie who stood on his head. Disturbing. Change should be afoot for this team that seems lost right now.

If the Sharks lose tonight, could Ron Wilson be gone on Monday? Very possible.

If the Sharks lose tonight, could a major roster shake up been in the works? Very possible. It's hard to put much stock into Eklund's rumors, but his lead today of Toronto trading two veteran players to a team out West for a young forward and a young defensemen smells of San Jose being that other team. He also mentioned a player waiving a NTC. Ron Wilson's obsession with a #1 defensemen has been well documented. Could this be McCabe for say Joe Pavelski and Christian Ehrhoff? Just a musing...With Kaspar/Mithcell/Setoguchi around and Bernier finally showing up to play - do we need Pavelski, who will be due for a raise as a RFA next year? We have Couture waiting in the wings as well. Ehrhoff, who is also due for a raise, is looking clueless lately and perhaps he should be moved while the value is still high. Signing Ozo to me means a defensemen is on the move. You don't need Carle, Ehrhoff and Ozo - three duplicate guys who play a little soft and like to jump into the play.

But of course, the Sharks will win tonight - continuing their Jekyll and Hyde ways, and all changes could be off.


Mike said...

As a proud owner of a Carle jersey I'm biased, but I've been pleasantly suprised with Carle's attention to detail in his own zone this year. Clearly Zettler is on him a bit to improve that part of his game. He is no longer the liability he once was. He's certainly not a Phaneuf with thundering hits, but he's really maturing into a great player.

Not unlike Dan Boyle, actually.

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

I agree that Carle has had a stronger year in his own zone, but is disturbing to look at the defensemen's numbers only to find one regular who doesn't have a minus number.

Murray +4
Ehrhoff +/-
McLaren -1
Carle -3
Vlasic -4
Rivet -5

Ironic isn't it that Ehrhoff, who we've both noticed the most making bad giveaways and errors, has the best regular plus/minus on the roster. And Murray a +4?? Huh?

Mike said...

Given they've scored 31 and given up 34, with 11 PP goals, it's not much of a surprise that most players are minus. The ranking are interesting here, I would not have guessed Ehrhoff is even.

Murray was +3 against Vancouver, the night he had two assists with JR.

Bryce said...

Here kids, knock yoruself out. I need some more content.

Bryce said...

Can'tStoptheGrier said...

Ehrhoff a scratch last night. Hmmm......