Sunday, November 04, 2007

NHL Network Gives Insight Into Chris Pronger

So I discovered that finally, I get the NHL Network on DirecTV channel 215. I see it on the guide, I switch to it, and I see that there's a show called Stanley Cup Summer. It's about various Ducks players going to their hometowns and sharing the Cup with family and friends. Not exactly the kind of show I would want to watch, but it IS the first time I'm watching the hockey-only channel, so I figure I'll give it a chance.

It's one of those feel-good fluff shows, and they have pieces on Teemu Selanne and Sammy Pahlsson taking the Cup to Scandinavia (with graphics obviously created from Google Earth, which I found pretty funny). Then they switch to Chris Pronger, who took the Cup back to Ontario someplace to show his folks. They show him with a family friend who's been stricken with cancer, and my heart goes a bit soft. A bit. Especially since he didn't elbow her in the head, even though she was in a vulnerable position (a hospital bed in her living room).

But then this happens. He goes to a pediatric cancer ward in a local hospital to cheer up the kids. Here is my transcript directly from the show:

Chris Pronger (voiceover): You always wanna try and go see kids in the hospital... there's not a lot of them in there but the ones that are in the cancer ward are going through a tough time. You want to bring a smile to their face.
Woman: Bill, do you want to introduce your granddaughter?
Bill: This is Taylor.
Chris Pronger: Ok.
Bill: My granddaugher.
Chris Pronger: Helloooo.
Bill: She's a cancer survivor.
Chris Pronger: Perfect.

At this point I turn to my wife and said, "Did he just say 'perfect'?" And then I laugh for about ten minutes.

Thanks NHL Network!

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