Monday, October 08, 2007


Everyone needs to relax. Take a deep breath and calm down. Yes, the Sharks did lay a giant turd last night in Colorado. Yes, it was troubling to see them get outworked and not use their superior size, familiar criticism that plagued this team last year, but don't we all have bad days? Haven't you ever spilled coffee on your crotch, got a speeding ticket and stepped in shit while failing to clear the puck on a 5 on 3 power play. This was the Sharks day yesterday. You bounce back...and they will.

Here is the key - how will the Sharks respond in Chicago? I predict they will come out with a chip on their shoulder and a spring in their step. This team is eager to prove they are not the same club that folded last year in the face of adversity. When the Sharks win on Wednesday, they are coming home with five points on a difficult four game season opening road trip. A 2-1-1 record.

So, let's calm down everyone and wait for Chicago. The boys will respond. The top line might get broken up. Setoguchi might see his first action of the season. Patzold may even get the call in the pipes, but a win is coming.

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Your neighbor said...

Well said.

People are forgeting that this was game three of a three games in 4 nights escapade. Crossed time zones with each flight, and are expected to bring your A game. If this kind of play in Colorado were to happen mid-late season... Then I'd be alarmed, but the first road trip? It's explainable. Try Traveling over 3000 miles in 4 days, having to play at the highest level of competion all the while doing it at over 5000'.