Monday, October 22, 2007

Channeling their inner Holmstrom

It was a marvelous sight to see. Clowe in front of the net. Bernier in front of the net. Davison in front of the net. Michalek in front of the net. Semenov dumping Godard into the Sharks bench....okay, maybe the last one was a little embarrassing since Semenov was getting pounded - but still, it was pretty funny.

The Sharks played their best game of the season tonight, destroying the Flames and chasing the Kipper on Calgary's home ice. The Sharks own this team, having won four of the five from them - which is interesting given the physical brand of hockey Calgary plays. What can you say, the Flames bring out the inner beast in the Sharkies. An all around excellent effort with an A+ going to Coach Ron Wilson for following through with his promise to send the big boys in front of the net, ala Holmstrom. He did and boy did they get results. I hope this part of the gameplan sticks for it has been missing the last few years and, in my opinion, is a major reason why we haven't risen to the next level.

One of the only guys who didn't play well, again, was Cheechoo. The Train was invisible and got even less ice time than Rob Davison. With some big name defensemen rumored to be available, could Cheechoo be the bait the Sharks use to land Kaberle or Chara?


Mike said...

I like Kaberle, but McCabe and Chara fill a greater need. I wish I knew what could be done to wake up Cheech's game. Witnessing his hooking call last night just underscores what's happening- he's overskating, overpersuing, and trying too hard to score. The fact that he never gives up on a play is a good thing, but his bullheadedness is working against him.

My (possibly horrible) advice to him would be to just back off a touch, let Rissmiller and Davison do a bit more heavily lifting, and position yourself in high traffic areas where your lightning-fast release will get you goals.

Anonymous said...
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