Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dear Dougie: We Need D

There's a certain blueliner that's fallen out of favor in a certain hockey town. The biggest hockey town in North America. No not that one. One that still sells out every night. This particular town lives and breathes hockey year round. Every misstep, every player's comment is under a microscope. A great player is getting booed for one stupid mistake, the kind of mistake that happens once in a career. And it happened to him. Not in the Stanley Cup Finals, not in April when they're fighting for a postseason spot. In the first two weeks of the season.

You've figured it out by now: Brian McCabe.

Doug, we need Brian McCabe. He scores goals. He plays special teams. He's been under 100 penalty minutes only once in the past 10 years. He's a big mean son of a bitch.

What do we give up? Carle, Vlasic, and Rivet are untouchable in my opinion, because we'd just go back to where we started. Joe is too much.

Everyone else is on the table. Yes, everyone. Marleau straight up? For three more years of McCabe? Bet your ass. Bernier and Pavelski. Goc and Ehrhoff. Make it happen. The Gooch is waiting in the wings. Kaspar can play this year. Jesus Christ, activate Tomas Plihal if you have to.

Make it happen.

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Can'tStoptheGrier said...

I think McCabe would be a great addition and the kind of player we sorely need. I don't think Carle is untouchable. If they would deal McCabe for Carle and Bernier - pull the trigger.

Let's not panic. Tonight was disappointing but I think Ron Wilson will go before any of the players do.