Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trade rumors/Matvichuk

I want to go on record as saying that the rumor of Pavelski to Montreal for Halak and an unnamed defensemen must be bogus. I can't imagine Doug Wilson trading Pavelski for anything other than an impact Top 2 defensemen. This isn't going to happen, not with Pavelski. I think if the Sharks are going to play "let's make a deal" - here are the guys who could be bait.

Marcel Goc - I don't want to lose Marcel, but with the emergence of Torrey Mitchell and Logan Couture waiting in the wings, he could be used as a pawn.

Patrick Rissmiller - A UFA next season. Looks like his days with the Sharks could be numbered.

Steve Bernier - Has improved a bit, but still nothing to show for it on the scoresheet. I think Setoguchi takes his spot on the 2nd line when he is healthy.

How about the Sharks making a deal with the Devils again - this time for Richard Matvichuk. There is no risk, he has one year left on his deal @ 1.4 million. He is better than Davison/Murray/Semenov. The Devils are probably selling cheap, you probably could get him for Davison or Semenov. A tough, stay at home D-man sounds good to me. Matvichuk anyone???

Also, if Doug Wilson is concerned about Patzold as the back up (as I am) then why not sign a proven NHL back up. Scott Clemensson is out there. Robert Esche is too. How about the Shark killer himself, CuJo? A one year deal would get it done with either of these guys and the Sharks wouldn't have to part with anything in the process.

What do you think??

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Jeremy said...

I think you don't trade Vesa if you're that concerned about goaltending. The Sharks should put up enough goals to compensate for less-than-stellar backup goaltending nights. Now, if you have to rely on Patzold, that's a different story.
As for Dick 'Chuk, you'd be better off taking a pass. He was good when Hatcher was good - and he still wasn't that good. Go get Markov!