Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Torrey Mitchell makes the club!

My bold prediction comes true. Wilson says today in the San Jose Mercury News that Mitchell will be in the opening night line up, along with fellow rookie Setoguchi.


No real clues as to how the other lines are going to shake down after Thornton-Marleau-Cheechoo. Whose spot did Mitchell take in the line up? I can only guess it is Curtis Brown.

One more cut to go and its gotta be Semenov, right? Unless this deal for Halak is real and Wilson is formulating a deal with some of our spare parts. I am not sold on Patzold as the back up. If Nabby goes down, the Sharks season could go in the tank - literally.

Could Goc be the bait? It appears he has been passed up on the depth chart by Pavelski.

About 50 hours to go!

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Mike said...

An article I saw in the Merc said that JR and Brown are on the outside looking in. The checking (really the "defense first") line is Goc-Grier-Rissmiller. That would make the other lines Pavelski-Clowe-Bernier and Mitchell-Setoguchi-Michalek. Semenov is on IR.