Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Sky is Falling. The Sky is...Wait - We Won?

As predicted, the Sharks won in Chicago. They played much better than the 2-1 score would indicate to those who didn't watch the game. We dominated the play against a much improved Blackhawks team. Chicago hung in there but took a fatal penalty late in the third penalty. I said to Mike, "This is when championship teams step up and put the dagger in." And they did. The Sharks showed their mental toughness and beat a pesky team that played with a lot of emotion. Chicago will not make the playoffs this year (sorry Mike) but they have a future atleast. I love Duncan Keith and Toews/Kane are going to be fun to watch for many years. Too bad Havlat is made of glass.

2-1-1 road trip. Good start.

We could be 4-1-1 before we know it.

Boston is hurting on their West coast road trip. We are their last game of a five game trip and they will be ready to go home. What is the story there anyways? They make the deal for Manny Fernandez and then, after he loses in the opener, he rides pine? Way to give your netminder a confidence boost, Claude Julien. Bruins will get housed at the Tank on Saturday. Vancouver is really struggling, having given up 14 goals in three games. We should go in there and win again.

Rob Davison played solid last night. He will probably get the call again Saturday. I think Wilson will ride the hot hand back there with Murray/Davison, until they sign Ozolinsh or make a deal for someone else. The new lines were jumping. Even with some players clearly not in regular season form (hello Cheechoo???), Michalek came to life with Marleau at his side and Torrey Mitchell is really fun to watch. Even the fourth line of Goc-Roencik-Brown had some moments.

Here is a question for you....if Setoguchi is ready to go on Saturday night, whose place does he take? What line does he skate on?

Looking foward to Saturday!!

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