Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Grudging Congratulations

Well, we are now four games into the season, and Grier was right and I was wrong. Torrey Mitchell was a bold call to make the club, and he has. He's played well in all four games so far this season, and the list of players behind him on the depth chart is growing. I'd have to say that Rissmiller, Brown, and JR are definitely behind him now. He was helped a bit by Setoguchi's injury, but congratulations are in order.

I just hope that Mitchell's youth and enthusiasm will help to keep him skating hard and trying hard. It's a looooong season. A letdown of some sort is inevitable. But the difference between good players and great players is the ability to bounce back from a bad game or stretch.

Unbeknownst to me, the idea of Oz making the opening day roster was a loser from the start. Apparently the substance abuse program denied him the ability to play until last night. And he didn't. He's still not signed, which means he's not taking up a roster spot, leaving a chance of making the club. The only thing Davison and Murray are contributing right now is the willingness to drop the gloves.

To Grier's and my relief, the Sharks managed to put forth a decent effort to get a win against Chicago last night. Remember, I picked Oprahtown to finish third in the Central, and they beat Detroit last Saturday at home. They are not the hapless Hawks that we've seen the past few years. Toews had his first goal in his first game on his first shot (as Randy Hahn was fond of saying last night during the telecast). Kane is playing well, and they have good young D in Keith and Seabrook. The Sharks didn't convert on many scoring changes they should have, but they converted on a late power play. Michalek managed to chip one in past the Bulin Wall, who has a few cracks in his once-pristine facade.

Can't wait for the home game on Saturday. The house will be rocking, and I will be enjoying free food courtesy of my winning bet with Grier. Come by section 124 if you're in the neighborhood. Just scream out "McLovin" at the top of your lungs, we'll find you.

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